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JK2-BK Junior Drum Kit Assembly Instructions
  1. Take all of the drum parts, ready for assembly.
  2. Take the two drum skins, these may be stuck together, so make sure to separate them.
  3. Take the large bass drum.
  4. Drop the skin over the top as shown.
  5. Then drop the black drum rim over that as shown.
  6. Take a long bolt and washer, fix in to place as shown, taking care not to cross-thread the bolt when tightening.
  7. Use the drum key to tighten. Do not tune at this stage, tighten all four bolts gently, then increase the tension on each one gradually.
  8. Repeat for the front of the drum.
  9. When both skins are on, the bass drum is ready.
  10. Take the drum legs.
  11. Push them in to the bass drum as shown.
  12. Tighten the wing nut to secure. The drum should be flat on the floor, and the legs used to prevent it rolling from side to side.
  13. Take the drum pedal and fix in to place as shown.
  14. Then take the drum hammer, and use the drum key to fix it in place.
  15. Take the seat stand and pad.
  16. Assemble as shown.
  17. Take the three brackets, and insert in to the bass drum as shown.
  18. Take the two remaining drums, and push them on to the two brackets.
  19. Take the cymbal.
  20. Secure in to place as shown, the felt should be either side of the cymbal itself.
  21. Buy some earplugs for the rest of the house, the kit is now ready to play!

TIP: Use the drum key to tighten and loosen the skins evenly to tune them to the correct pitch.

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